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  • Launching Creating Sound

    Launching Creating Sound

    For a few months now I’ve been working on creatingsound.com in between projects. I found myself doing more and more sound effects for games and wanted to increase my skills but it was hard to find information online. Hopefully this will make it easier for anyone interested in the art of sound design. Besides a place […]

  • Niko


    The new year kicks off with the release of a new game. Developed by Fabrication Games and published by Sulake (Habbo). My work was the sfx in-game and the sound design for the trailer. Niko will be available in the App Store January 19. The first 6 levels will be free to play, then you […]

  • Winter in Blue Mountain

    Winter in Blue Mountain

    Once again I had the opportunity to work with Ravn Studio. The game was released on 11-11-11, but of course I didn’t update the blog immediately. This time I had a reason though. I was a victim of the TimThumb hack. Google shut me down first, and soon after, my webhost. I’m usually fast when […]

  • Selling Sound Effects

    Selling Sound Effects

    It was only a matter of time until it would come to this. As I built my own library from nothing to several gigabytes it was time for something new. To start selling some of my recorded sound effects. I thought about different ways to approach this and to begin with I wanted to be […]

  • Sprinkle


    Here’s the trailer for Sprinkle. A fun little game from Mediocre, which is being released for iOS on August 25th. I was asked to do the audio for the trailer. There was already sound effects for the gameplay but that was it. I edited the music and put it in place, then created sounds for […]

  • Captain Sabertooth

    Captain Sabertooth

    Norwegian game developer Ravn Studio released Captain Sabertooth and the Trials by Fire a few weeks ago. I communicated with producer Annika Fogelgren primarily by e-mail, but sometimes via Skype and phone. It’s so easy nowadays to work together even though you’re in different locations. I provided all sound effects for the productions including ambiences […]

  • Ionocraft Racing

    Ionocraft Racing

    I love racing. That’s why I was extra excited when I found out that the the new game from Fabrication Games was going to be Ionocraft Racing. Since it was developed in Unity, I could play with the engine pitch without bugging the programmers (hello Måns Olson) too much. For me that’s one of the […]

  • Elin’s House

    Elin’s House

    This is for the younger gamer. Decorate the doll house with your own unique look. Sound Design, mixing and mastering.

  • Solitaire Nation

    Solitaire Nation

    Sometimes I work so much that I forget to post my new projects. Anyway, over at Solitaire Nation there are three different versions of solitaire that I worked on. They already had some sound effects so I started by doing some polishing. There were also some timing issues with the updated games that I had […]

  • Piclings


    This was a game I sincerely enjoyed working on. The music was already made for it and pretty quick I had an idea of what I wanted to do. The sound effects are a mixture of sounds from Native Instrument’s FM8 and library stuff. I’m very pleased with the ”uh oh” sound I made. Unfortunately […]