SFX Library

I work with Audiojungle to distribute my sound effects. Below you will find my current assets for sale. If you want to listen to all the sounds continuously please see this post.

Cartoon Sounds

Champagne Cork Pop

Popping the cork of a champagne bottle on new years eve.


Domestic Sounds

Blackboard Cleaning Chalkboard

Erasing chalk on a blackboard.

Blackboard Sounds

A collection of the most essential sounds for the chalkboard such as writing, erasing, strokes and tapping. Recorded at the Royal School of Technology in Stockholm. Contains 8 individual files

Blackboard – Writing on Chalkboard

Writing with chalk on a blackboard. Close perspective recording. Edited to work as a seamless loop.

Dishwasher Running Loop

Seamless loop of a dishwasher running.
The audio player makes it seem like there’s a gap in the loop. The original wave file is gapless.

Toilet Flush on Train

Flushing the toilet on a train. Can also be used for airplanes and cruise ships.

Newspaper Page Flip

Turning the page of a newspaper.

Newspaper Rustling and Turning Pages

Sound Pack containing the sound of a newspaper. 8 rustling and 6 turning pages. Can be used as regular paper, magazine or paper bag.

Paper Tear

Tearing a single sheet of paper.

Rolling Bottles

The sound of bottles rolling on a wooden floor. This collection includes glass and plastic bottles, empty and filled with liquid in 8 individual files.


Human Sounds

Jumping on Plastic Floor

A person jumping and landing with sneakers on a plastic floor. Five different versions.

Mouth Pop

Human pop sound created with a finger and mouth. Can be used as a bubble pop, button click, balloon pop and other cartoon or game sounds.


Industrial Sounds

Chainsaw Start Revving then Stop

Attempting to start a chainsaw but failing at first. Then succeeds and revs for a while until turning the chainsaw off.

Impact Wood

Medium wood impact and a light bounce.


Nature Sounds

Digging in Sand with Shovel

Digging in the sand with a shovel then pouring it out.

Fountain Water Flow

A medium sized fountain running at a steady pace. Close perspective.

Water Stream Running

When I visited my grandmother I found this beautiful brook running behind her house. I grabbed my recorder and ended up with this awesome result.


Urban Sounds

Escalator at Subway Station

Escalator running at a steady pace.

Fireworks – Single Rocket Launch

A single firework rocket being launched on new years eve. Close range recording.

Merry-Go-Round at Funfair

A carousel ride from start to finish. As the merry-go-round starts you hear the ringing of a bell, then laughing children and happy parents. The music plays together with the mechanical sound of the spinning machine. Then stopping and letting people off.

Traffic Ambience by Stop Light

The sound of vehicles at a traffic light. The recording starts with the cars idling for about 10 seconds. They set off and passes by. At 00:33 you hear a car pass playing loud hip-hop music. It ends with the cars stopping at the red light and the sound of people’s footsteps as they cross the street.

Train Ride at Funfair

A train ride for kids at a funfair passing by, going away then coming back again. Repeated three times. Recorded with focus on the wheels to get that extra feeling of mechanics.

Tram Departure

A tram leaving the station at night.