Winter in Blue Mountain

Once again I had the opportunity to work with Ravn Studio. The game was released on 11-11-11, but of course I didn’t update the blog immediately. This time I had a reason though. I was a victim of the TimThumb hack. Google shut me down first, and soon after, my webhost. I’m usually fast when it comes to updates, but this time I didn’t make it in time. That’s why the site was unavailable for a few weeks. I’ve only now rebuilt the whole thing from scratch. It took me long enough but now it’s better and stronger.

Back to Winter in Blue Mountain. I delivered sound effects to Ravn Studio which they then implemented. Yesterday they were kind enough to send me the game, together with Captain Sabertooth and the Trials by Fire. They even sent me two bonus games. What a great gift for the holiday. Time to get a 3DS!

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