Anthem for the video game industry

My friend Albert Schapiro showed me this great video about the video game industry. That inspired me to write this song. I’ve been listening a lot to Pogo lately, especially his amazing Joburg Jam. I’m used to writing songs and then sing them myself. Now I’m curious how you can manipulate audio to make music. I tried to use auto-tune at first but didn’t get the result I wanted. Instead I bought The Mouth from Native Instruments and experimented with that.

Here’s the result. I hope you enjoy it, and think twice before you start working in the video game industry ;)

You can download the song in the player on the right side.

4 reaktioner på ”Anthem for the video game industry”

    1. Dear zantax!

      So far I’ve played about one hour into the single player. It’s the most inspiring game in a long time. I’ll have to finish the game and play some co-op to see if there’s material to write about. Best game in a long time for sure!

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