The Gamer and Magicka

Magicka just released new DLC by the name of ”Mea Culpa”. With it comes a song that I wrote.
Thanks to Shams Jorjani for letting me participate in such a fun project.

You can download the song in the player on the right side.


The Gamer
Hey there people I just bought your game
I wrote you a song since I don’t like to flame
I like all the features that Magicka has
Except for the bugs and the desktop crash
What is the deal with the vampire guy
And how come that when I play as yellow I die
I’d like to be able to play with my friends
This was my song and here’s where it ends

My friend we did our best we should have tried a little harder
And I am not a vampire you can even ask my father
The yellow wizard always dies because he likes to play with fire
We know that you’ve been waiting long we know that your are tired
So here’s a freebie for your patience you can get it in an instant
You can use it to kill your friend with
Then revive him…
…and kill him again


G – Am
D – Am
C – E – Dm – Am
Am – E – Dm -Am
C – G – F – G

You have to figure out when to play what but it shouldn’t be that hard ;)

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