Reload Press Play

The song and video is here. Thanks to a great collaboration we managed to create something we’re really proud of.

Music & Lyrics: Henrik Nåmark
Video Director
: Matias Vega Norell
: Ola Schubert
: Simón Ubeira
Guitar: The Incredible Haze
Drums: Magnus Olsson

You can download the song in the player on the right side.

24 reaktioner på ”Reload Press Play”

  1. Congrats on the song man! I’ve listened to it dozens of times already. Probably going to buy this song in support, keep it up :).

  2. hi, my name is ALeks_M from german videogamesblog onipepper. you guys did a fantastic job. great video, great song our deepest respect!

    cheers and greets


  3. cool thing you wrote back! i am a musican too and do some kind of projects and we write our own music for our onipper on tour videos. your video was very inspiring. thx a lot for that! i am happy for you, having a nice, open minded and creative team you can work with, this makes life richer. maybe we hook up sometime. especially when you need a bass player ;-) thats my loved instrument. cheers and hugs! aleks

  4. Thanks a lot everyone for your kind comments. I’m really happy that the video keeps spreading.
    @ Bart Bonte: I love it how you write ”does become a hit” here and ”does not become a hit” on Facebook. Whatever happens you’re eating your shoes. Can I watch? :)
    @ ALeks_M: Bass players are always needed. Send me a link to your stuff so I can hear.
    @ Kevin Ghaduani: You can buy it right now. There are no plans of releasing an instrumental at this point but who knows what the future holds…

  5. @Reachground: I’m hoping for the Amazon release unless indiestore is also DRM-free MP3. I just don’t have media players capable of supporting anything other than non-DRM media.

  6. Kevin. I don’t think there should be any problem with the Indiestore one. Try it or make a donation of 1 euro on Paypal and I’ll e-mail you the song. reachground (at) gmail dot com

  7. This song is really great ! And I love the animation too !
    If you have not yet submit this video to an animation festival (like the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy) I suggest you to do so.

  8. can you post a guitar tab for ”reload pres play” somewhere, i love that song and id love it more if i could play it :)

  9. Hey Sebastian!

    There might be a day in the future where I post the chords. For now I have a bit too much to do for that. I’ll try to keep you posted though.

  10. Весьма тонко подмечено. В чем-то даже себя узнал :)

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