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The song and video is here. Thanks to a great collaboration we managed to create something we’re really proud of.

Music & Lyrics: Henrik Nåmark
Video Director
: Matias Vega Norell
: Ola Schubert
: Simón Ubeira
Guitar: The Incredible Haze
Drums: Magnus Olsson

You can download the song in the player on the right side.



  1. […] of the song, which is all about a man whose life is a videogame. There’s more details on Nåmark’s blog. Please to […]

  2. H.A.L. skriver:

    Amazing video! Great music, too!
    My life is also a videogame.


  3. Scalene skriver:

    I remember you have to burn the rope.

    And this song is even better than that.

  4. Nikica skriver:

    Cool song, I would like to download it in MP3 format!

  5. RobM skriver:

    Congrats on the song man! I’ve listened to it dozens of times already. Probably going to buy this song in support, keep it up :).

  6. Kropotkin skriver:

    I really like the song and animation. Good stuff!

  7. ALeks_M skriver:

    hi, my name is ALeks_M from german videogamesblog onipepper. you guys did a fantastic job. great video, great song our deepest respect!

    cheers and greets


  8. Bart Bonte skriver:

    If this song does become a hit, I’m eating all of my shoes :)

  9. Doctor Jest skriver:

    Excellent work! I am still humming the tune! :)

  10. ALeks_M skriver:

    cool thing you wrote back! i am a musican too and do some kind of projects and we write our own music for our onipper on tour videos. your video was very inspiring. thx a lot for that! i am happy for you, having a nice, open minded and creative team you can work with, this makes life richer. maybe we hook up sometime. especially when you need a bass player ;-) thats my loved instrument. cheers and hugs! aleks

  11. Saturn2888 skriver:

    I can’t wait to buy this one! Will there be a karaoke I can mess around with at all?

  12. Reachground skriver:

    Thanks a lot everyone for your kind comments. I’m really happy that the video keeps spreading.
    @ Bart Bonte: I love it how you write ”does become a hit” here and ”does not become a hit” on Facebook. Whatever happens you’re eating your shoes. Can I watch? :)
    @ ALeks_M: Bass players are always needed. Send me a link to your stuff so I can hear.
    @ Kevin Ghaduani: You can buy it right now. There are no plans of releasing an instrumental at this point but who knows what the future holds…

  13. Saturn2888 skriver:

    @Reachground: I’m hoping for the Amazon release unless indiestore is also DRM-free MP3. I just don’t have media players capable of supporting anything other than non-DRM media.

  14. Bart Bonte skriver:

    oooops, haha, of course I made a typo here :)
    although maybe the shoe eating act would also make a good video :)

  15. Reachground skriver:

    Kevin. I don’t think there should be any problem with the Indiestore one. Try it or make a donation of 1 euro on Paypal and I’ll e-mail you the song. reachground (at) gmail dot com

  16. Omgirl!!!!!!!!1 skriver:

    ILOVE UR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 MARRY ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~””””””`

  17. Isa-sama skriver:

    This song is really great ! And I love the animation too !
    If you have not yet submit this video to an animation festival (like the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy) I suggest you to do so.

  18. Reachground skriver:


    Thanks for your kind comment and the suggestion. I will talk to the team and see what they feel about it. I think it’s a great idea!

  19. CYB3RFR34K skriver:

    nice video man! same things everydays lol

  20. sebastian lopez skriver:

    can you post a guitar tab for ”reload pres play” somewhere, i love that song and id love it more if i could play it :)

  21. Reachground skriver:

    Hey Sebastian!

    There might be a day in the future where I post the chords. For now I have a bit too much to do for that. I’ll try to keep you posted though.

  22. интeллигeнт skriver:

    Весьма тонко подмечено. В чем-то даже себя узнал :)

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