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You Have to Burn the Rope


When my friend Kian showed me a draft of the idea to this game, I was stunned. It’s so simple yet clever. You Have to Burn the Rope is a fantastic piece of art. I was given the honor of composing the music to the game.

Creative Commons License
Now You’re a Hero by Reachground is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Feel free to download the song in the player on the right side.




  1. Adam skriver:

    Lol, i love this song. Can’t get enough so catchy!! Well done!! Please make more like it please :D!!!!!!

  2. Reachground skriver:

    Hi Adam!

    You’re the first to comment on this post. That makes you the hero of the comment-posters.


  3. Mucha skriver:

    Wow! I love this song!

  4. Adam skriver:

    Wow this is really weird? Theres a game on a quite popular site with this music and I must say brilliant music! And no-ones checked it out how weird!

    Keep it up! Nice music!

  5. Aaron skriver:

    Please, where could I get the full song for my mobile?

  6. Reachground skriver:

    Hi there Aaron. I’d love for the song to enter your mobile. Click here and you shall see the light.

    Good luck!

  7. Jimbob skriver:

    Great music, would love to hear an instrumental version of it, no disrespect to your vocal talents!

  8. Pablo skriver:

    Good work, amigo!

  9. Cristóbal skriver:

    Hey, great song man. Keep up the good work.

    Saludos desde Chile :)

  10. Crumbly Biscuits skriver:

    Hey, excellent song and game. Listened to it a few times it is so catchy, brightened up my evening. :)

  11. Alex skriver:

    I’ve made a cover if you want to keep it in iTunes or such:

  12. Phil skriver:

    Great song! saved my day :D

  13. Mazapan skriver:

    Alex: Beautiful cover! Nice work!

  14. garg skriver:

    I love it! :D

    Who made the in-game music? The music when the hero is running down the tunnel and then the music loop in the boss level.


  15. Reachground skriver:

    Hey garg!

    I made all the different musical components to the game. Glad you liked it :)

  16. dohopoki skriver:

    It’s all so brilliant, the game, the song. I want the smarts to do this kind of thing. I’m inspired to get my life going again.

  17. Anonymous skriver:

    This song reminds me of Flight of the Conchords

  18. mieses skriver:

    nice! you would dig estradasphere.

  19. Reachground skriver:

    Fantastic! I love Zelda.

  20. obo skriver:

    eat your heart out, Portal

  21. jubek skriver:

    Outstanding job! I actualy love this song. Keep going with stuff like this.

  22. Ryan skriver:


    Just wanted to say you did an awesome job on the music. The game made me laugh, but the music made me refresh and play it again.

    Thank you!

  23. Lucas skriver:

    Thanks for the joy!

  24. Ogihci skriver:

    -got rick roll’d-

  25. Ogihci skriver:

    By the way, Love the song (not the rick one ..)
    especially the battle music

  26. Joshua skriver:

    Genius. And good rickroll. Well played.

  27. Hamst3r skriver:

    Nice track! I’ve listened to it 6,000 times today. ;)

  28. Neil skriver:

    I also thought ”Flight of the Conchords” when I heard ”Now You’re a Hero”.

    Excellent work, and an ace song. :-)

  29. dsrtrosy skriver:

    Very nice…I really like the dissonance in the first verse. Honestly, gave me chills the first time I heard it. ”This is it, I swear it’s true”–so funny. I never play games with sound on, but there is so much buzz about your song I had to come check it out. Thanks for the iTunes download.

  30. CIJolly skriver:

    Awesome song. The whole game is hilarious, the song goes with it perfectly.

  31. ChristiOHs skriver:

    wow, that song is just awesome. now I’m wanting to learn how to play it. ahhaha.

  32. Kevin skriver:

    I’m glad you have an itunes version, because I am going to sleep with this song playing on my ipod on repeat over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over………

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  34. Keunseok skriver:

    Lovely song. I love it!

  35. Sacrito skriver:

    truly epic song. love it

  36. William M skriver:

    So I was sitting in my room, bored out of my mind, when my friend msgs me and says ”you have to play this game.” A truly short game it was, and quite epic. All your music really tied it together nicely, and added a wonderful effect. I hope to hear more from you in the future!

  37. ppp skriver:

    damn! i was totally rick rolled!

  38. Bart skriver:

    Excellent song! You can write me a song like for my games anytime :)

  39. Zaper skriver:

    Great song, love it.

  40. […] For a various amount of reasons I won’t be doing a show this week (and the previous weeks were Easter, when the studio was locked). If you want to listen to a few tracks I’ll be playing, one will certainly be from the Cave Story soundtrack, most likely a few of the battle themes and the main theme, which is retro-inspired at it’s best. That, and of course the end song to You Have To Burn The Rope, which you can download here. […]

  41. this makes me happy skriver:

    please for the love of rainbows and everything that is beautiful release an instrumental of this.

  42. Reachground skriver:

    @ Bart: I played some of your games. I especially liked Factory Balls.

    @ ChristiOHs: Did you find the chords on this site yet?

    @ this makes me happy: I have no plans of doing that yet. Let me marinate on it for a moment.

  43. OnionRingOfDoom skriver:

    Wow! I can’t stop listening to the song! I can totally rock out with it on my bass now too!

  44. Reachground skriver:

    @ OnionRingOfDoom: When can I hear it?

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  46. E. Ryan skriver:

    You have a certain style about you. Very good. I see bright things for you in the future. Keep up the awesome work.

  47. Reachground skriver:

    @ E. Ryan: Thank you very much. I’m having a hard time seeing it myself at times but I won’t give up!

  48. to by fore skriver:

    I played the game, unknowing of the horible efect your song had on me. now i’m an ”adict”.

    Keep up the good work

  49. David Mclean skriver:

    Dude this song is awesome and i am addicted to it now!

  50. […] Reachground – Now You’re A Hero You burned the rope, hast den Endgegner besiegt und das Spiel durchgespielt. Herzlichen […]

  51. Jesse skriver:

    Hey, I listened to your song ’Now you’re a hero’ all the time since this morning. Do you think you can publish an instrumental version? Would be fun to use in small films (will be credited ofcourse) just like ’Cave’.
    I’m looking forward to your answer! ;D

  52. Kingrussel skriver:

    Yeah, thanks for the rick roll >_<
    Though Kudos much on the ”Now you’re a hero” cause I can’t help but humming it and annoying those in earshot.

  53. Elrox skriver:

    haha so awesome ^^
    love the rick roll song aswell xD

  54. Hoi skriver:

    Could I use some of these as a soundtrack? (in a free game)

  55. hehe skriver:


  56. josh skriver:

    i luv this song i downloaded it an its completely stuck in my head i’m making it my alarm to wake me up in the mornin good goin on the game 2 so clever

  57. Anon skriver:

    Best song ever.

  58. Chris skriver:

    Thanks for the song! It’s on my ipod play list now. :)

  59. Vega skriver:


  60. Chris skriver:

    The song and the game go perfectly together… hilarious :D

  61. James skriver:

    Lovely, good luck for the future.
    Ill mention this and the game to PCGAMER.

  62. Reachground skriver:

    That would be great James. Thanks!

  63. […] Source: Reachground Blog Archive You Have to Burn the Rope […]

  64. TheWriter skriver:

    You’re a genious, man!

  65. xiaomei yang skriver:

    I’m from China. I just wanna tell I really really love this song…Great job!

  66. xiaomei yang skriver:

    很好听!(hen hao ting)

  67. mattia skriver:

    I really love the game and the song. I wrote about both of them in my blog but since it’s in Italian I think you won’t read it ;)
    Anyway just in case…

    Keep up the great work! :)

  68. lakowang skriver:

    you rocks

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  70. Natty Lite skriver:

    How do I get this song???

  71. dgfhtgfh skriver:

    I see no rickroll. Despite actually SEARCHING for a rickroll.

  72. Shadow skriver:


  73. Sophie skriver:

    The most awesome song ever :3
    Such a simple game.

  74. Robert skriver:

    I can’t get this song for my ipod touch! Someone, please help!

  75. Greg skriver:

    Best song! it’s awesome, i love it!

  76. Samboni skriver:

    The song is awesome, but everyone has to listen to the new version as well.

  77. alex skriver:

    Cool game and cool song!

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