• 22 game intro

    22 game intro

    Music by Sean Beeson. Voiceover by me.

  • Reload Press Play

    Reload Press Play

    The song and video is here. Thanks to a great collaboration we managed to create something we’re really proud of. Music & Lyrics: Henrik Nåmark Video Director: Matias Vega Norell Animation: Ola Schubert Graphics: Simón Ubeira Guitar: The Incredible Haze Drums: Magnus Olsson You can download the song in the player on the right side.

  • The Color of the Independent Games Festival

    The Color of the Independent Games Festival

    Just as I thought life couldn’t get any better, I found out that The Color of Doom is a student showcase winner in the Independent Games Festival. I made the end credits music together with my friends in The Brown Pumas. The song is also used in the trailer. Reachground – Project manager, drum programming, […]

  • You Have to Burn the Rope gets IGF nomination

    You Have to Burn the Rope gets IGF nomination

    As we approached the new year, the best of 2008 awards started to pop up. I was really happy that Gamasutra, IndieGames and Rock, Paper Shotgun liked You Have to Burn the Rope (YHTBTR). The Gaming Club over at Slate’s gave the game some attention while Spike TV used my song ”Now you’re a hero” […]

  • The next great gametrailer gods

    The next great gametrailer gods

    Henrik Edlund from Swedish Game Awards was kind enough to inform me that The Next Great Game Gods can be seen in full at Gametrailers.com. This is part four and it uses Now You’re a Hero at 4:47.

  • Battlezone now released

    Battlezone now released

    I’ve had a couple of e-mails requesting that I should release the song Battlezone. As an early christmas present it’s now downloadable for free. It’s released as Creative Commons which means you can use it for free if you don’t make any money and credit me. The song was used in a student game. An […]

  • Swedish Game Awards soundlogo

    Swedish Game Awards soundlogo

    The good people over at Swedish Game Awards asked me to make a jingle/soundlogo for their videos. Finally it’s done. Check it out here where it’s played before Kians speach about the process that led to You Have to Burn the Rope. Unfortunately only in swedish.

  • The irRegularGame of Life

    The irRegularGame of Life

    Gordon over at irRegularGames released a new game containing a small tribute to You Have to Burn the Rope. It features a sample from my song Now You’re a Hero. Play The irRegularGame of Life

  • The Color of the Brown Pumas

    The Color of the Brown Pumas

    A few months ago I got a request to make a credits song for a student project at the Guildhall. Their graduation project is a Half-Life 2 mod called ”Color of Doom”. This time I got help from my brothers in The Brown Pumas. I chose to act as producer and let Rafael and The […]

  • Now You’re instrumental

    Now You’re instrumental

    The Joystiq competition is still going on. If you live in the USA or Canada you can download the instrumental of ”Now You’re a Hero”, record yourself singing about your favorite game, and if you’re lucky – win a DS Lite and a game! I just checked out Joystiq’s site and was a bit dissapointed […]